How can you achieve your mission:

  • In a world exploding with media channels?
  • Alongside increasingly sophisticated competitors?
  • Amidst a fierce fight for mindshare?

One word: branding.   

We always begin branding assignments by studying you and your audiences, digging deep to find the essential tangibles and intangibles. Our smart, experienced research teams and brand managers collaborate in a rigorous, full-spectrum analysis of who you are.

Into which we insert the secret ingredient: stories.   

At Lipman Hearne, we believe in story, the archetypal narrative that sparks emotion and builds attachment in your audiences. Telling your story helps us to:

  • Create striking visual and verbal identities
  • Formulate effective integrated marketing programs
  • Equip your organization to sustain and enhance your brand    

And then, all your goals—fundraising, audience building, policy shaping, visibility raising, enrollment building—will be well within your grasp.

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