Where the goals are big, and the challenges even bigger.

At Lipman Hearne, we cut our organizational teeth doing campaign communications. Philanthropic marketing is in our DNA, and it’s a core capability.

As in much of our work, we begin with a well-researched strategy to understand what motivates your audience. From there, we move into:

  • Articulating a case for support
  • Planning campaign communications, including events
  • Developing materials: print, direct mail, online

Having grown up with donor communications, we know that donor fatigue is an increasingly serious risk. And we’re prepared to overcome it. As one of our partners in crime, Andy Goodman, says, people aren’t hungering for another pie chart. People want to be put in touch with their own humanity.

At Lipman Hearne, we make that happen every day.

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Meet Rob Moore, whose work in philanthropic marketing has spanned 20 years and dozens of causes and organizations.

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